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30 - 45


Course Description: This course is designed for low-beginning students in English as a Foreign language.

Course Objective: During this session students will develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills while exploring the following themes: food items, sports, months and dates, and health. They will also explore grammatical topics such as count and non-count nouns, adjectives of frequency, simple present, the modal “can”, the future with “be going to”, negative and positive adjectives, and imperatives.


Approach: Language is a creative and constantly evolving tool for communication. It is best acquired when a communicative and cooperative approach is taken with a focus on forms, dynamic activities, technology integration, and ample student practice time.


Methodology: We highly encourage ample task-oriented practice time in pairs, trios and groups as well as the use of eclectic methodologies to enhance student learning.

We strongly suggest the following inside-classroom dynamics: warm up activities, mingling activities, pantomime / gestures, role playing, rotating dialogues, chain drills, elicitation, self / peer correction, cooperative learning, and individual pronunciation correction as applicable to the course.

Student Learning Outcomes:


At the end of the session, the student will be able to:



  • Identify thematic vocabulary via visual or contextual clues
  • Respond to simple commands with appropriate physical response
  • Write descriptions of people or things demonstrating proper word order
  • Differentiate between ordinal and cardinal numbers
  • Identify the main idea of listening material on a variety of everyday topics
  • Recognize words and forms that denote differences between the tenses (simple present, present continuous, and future)

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