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How do I access the forms?

To access the forms you will LOG INTO the web site and select the forms tab and then
select the specific form you want, as you have in the past.

How do I print the forms?

You can print a form at any time by selecting the print button on your computer.

How do I complete the forms on my computer?

You will need to have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat downloaded on your computer. When you open the form click on the first fill-in line, and begin typing in the needed information. Hit the tab to move to the next field, or use your mouse and click to desired field. Use delete or backspace keys as necessary. Note that some forms will still require a handwritten signature.

How do I reset or clear a form?

When you Close or Save the form you will delete all the information in the fields, so be sure to print the form before saving or closing the form.

How do I know the form is current?

The revision date in the lower right corner shows you when the form was last updated.

Historically there have been revisions to some forms each year and as a current member you will always have access to the most recent forms on our website.

Can I make a copy of this form?

As a current member of Uceda Vocational School you can save these pdf forms for your exclusive use as long as you remain a member of Uceda Vocational School . Forms may not be shared with non-members of Uceda Vocational School .

What should I do if I have a problem with a form or have a suggestion?

Please contact us

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Uceda School is approved under Federal Law to enroll students from countries all over the world.

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We offer a wide range of properties in the USA, where you can choose to live in a variety of room types, from ensuite rooms in shared apartments to 1 bedroom apartments. Read more


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