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Local Students: Students who study part-time and do not need F1 status.
F1 Transfer-in Students: F1 students who are already studying at another SEVP approved school on a full-time basis and would like to transfer to Uceda School as an F1 student.
F1 Initial Students: Students who would like to enter the United States on an F1 visa obtained with Uceda School’s Form I-20 in order to pursue full-time studies at Uceda School.
Change of Status: Individuals who are already in the United States on a status other than F-1, i.e. B1/B2 visitor status, and would like to change their status to F-1 student status.

Boca Raton, FL

Contact: 561-488-1218

Miami Beach, FL

Contact: 305-603-1010

Orlando Semoran, FL

Contact: 407-273-4900

Orlando OBT, FL

Contact: 407-251-2204

West Palm Beach, FL

Contact: 561-432-4868

Elizabeth, NJ

Contact: 908-354-5505

Hackensack, NJ

Contact: 201-342-9022

Newark, NJ

Contact: 973-578-8300

North Plainfield, NJ

Contact: 908-322-3131

West New York, NJ

Contact: 201-868-8800

Las Vegas, NV

Contact: 702-732-3111

New York City, NY

Contact: 212-242-8345

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The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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International Studies

Uceda School is approved under Federal Law to enroll students from countries all over the world.
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Student Accommodation

We offer a wide range of properties in the USA, where you can choose to live in a variety of room types, from ensuite rooms in shared apartments to 1 bedroom apartments. Read more

*CEA accreditation may vary per location.

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