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When you obtain an I-20 student visa, you’re open to not only visit other countries, but now have access to thousands of different learning opportunities from thousands of different schools that provide knowledge and education that might not be attainable in your own country. Often, going out-of-country to pursue an education will open up to you greater educational advantages that may not have previously been available, along with the opportunity to attend schools with more specified curriculums that can better help you reach your personal goals and pursue your interests, even your career choices.

Many of the educational institutions in the United States are of the highest quality, and can provide you with the best learning experience and the most opportunities. Also, many federal programs exist within the United States Government that can help you get grants and loans that will help with the cost of housing and living expenses, helping you stay more focused on your studies rather than your cost of living.

To obtain a student visa, the first step is to contact the educational institution you wish to enroll in and obtain a form from them, which will define the specifics of the school and courses you will be enrolling in. This form will inform the embassy that they will be responsible for you when you attend that school.

Once your confirmation is obtained by the school you will be attending and your financial details are set in order, the school will send you the forms necessary to obtain your visa. After these steps are taken, you must register yourself in the SEVIS database online, which contains information of foreign students in the U.S. and is maintained by the U.S. government. Another form must also be filled out, the DS 160 for non-immigrant visas. An interview must then be set up with the embassy at their home country, in which you will need to provide all of the necessary documents for applying for a visa. If the visa is granted, you will be notified in writing, and then will be able to stay in the U.S. for the allotted time determined by the time it takes to complete your course in the school being attended.

Be sure to also have a passport!


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